I remember holding you as your eyes went dead. 

I remember loving you longer than your last breathe. 

I remember how your body turned cold, 

the blood rushed into the bathtub.



I can see you now, in my head, apologizing for the harm you spread. 

Baby, the only one you killed was yourself. 

The only thing one who should be sorry is us,

for we didn’t see your pain…

until it was too late. 






Can we talk about how Hairspray is a story where a not-conventionally-attractive girl gets the hot guy in the end without having to Become “Pretty.” Because we need more stories like that.

It’s also story about breaking down the barriers of racism which we also need more of.

And it’s about nice hair and cheesy dance moves, more things we need more of

It’s a movie where John Travolta plays a chic, which we need more of